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The “claw” reaches out and grabs your ideal patient. We call Facebook Advertising the claw because this marketing tool utilizes the most advanced analytics to target your ideal patients based on geographic area, age, gender, interests, purchase behavior, etc. It’s accessibility to small businesses, like Dental Offices, is only part of the reason that Facebook Ads are revolutionary.

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Why is It Important to Run Facebook Ads As A Dentist?


Because you are tapping into a whole new network tree you never would have just through referrals. Your favorite patient Nancy told her whole tennis league about how great you are, that’s fantastic! But how will the local golf club hear about you? Or the people at the Chipotle down the street? Everyone that is either living or working in your area deserves to know about you, and at this moment, many do not. We can make that introduction with Facebook Ads.

Dental practices can use Facebook ad campaigns to reach a large number of potential patients in their local area. By targeting specific demographics, such as age and location, they can ensure that their ads are seen by people who are most likely to be in need of their services. Additionally, Facebook ad campaigns can be used to promote specific services or promotions, and to build brand awareness. Facebook ads can also help practices to reach new patients who may not have found them through traditional advertising methods. Overall, Facebook ad campaigns can be a cost-effective and efficient way for dentist practices to increase their patient base and grow their business.

Proud Son Dental Marketing makes custom Facebook Ads Campaigns for our dental clients to acquire new patients and spread brand awareness. 

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