“What does it mean?” 

First impressions are everything. For many patients, their first impressions of your practice will come from reviews on Google and your website. We’re here to make sure that first impression is a good one. We work diligently to get to know your practice so new patients are impressed before they even step inside your office. 

“Why does it matter” 

With over 200,000 dental practices active across the country, it is vital to make a positive impression on potential patients while they’re shopping for a new dentist. To leave a positive impression on potential patients, we first focus on two things: online reviews and website design. 

Reviews create an online reputation that patients can trust. Our review management will help gather positive reviews so new patients learn just how great you are from the most reliable source; your current patients. 

Hearing about your current patients’ experiences at your practice establishes a reputation, and your website design establishes your brand and your voice. A good website turns visitors into prospective patients. Here at Proud Son Dental Marketing, we believe in introducing your practice to your ideal patient. This requires in-depth conversations about your practice that help us build out a website that speaks to them.

impress proud son dental marketing
impress proud son dental marketing
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